Continuing the tradition of our annual educational film festivals, the Amazigh/Berber Film Festival committee plans to organize the Third Edition of the Amazigh Film Festival at LaGuardia Community College Arts Center on May 4-5, 2017 with the aim of expanding cultural awareness and exchange among LAGCC students, faculty and NYC community at large, through film, music, and scholarly interventions about and by the Berbers or Amazigh of North Africa.
Building off previous editions, the proposed 2017 Amazigh Film Festival will broaden its reach, tackling issues related to women’s rights, emigration, poverty, unemployment, and sustainability and including films from not only Morocco, but Tunisia, Algeria, Siwa, Egypt, and the Canary Islands as well. Participating in a December 2016 conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, the curators will benefit from networking opportunities to contact new and established filmmakers. Their presentation, “Translating Berber Film: Film Festivals Abroad,” will gather experts on Berber films and filmmaking, and provide a space of collaboration and exchange with other Amazigh festivals.
The 2017 edition will the organizers to​ be able to show more films and invite a lively debate about Amazigh identity and cultural production among experts and visitors.