To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Violeta Parra, the CorpArtes Foundation and Balmaceda Arte Joven (Chile), in a collaborative alliance, pay tribute to the visual work of this great Chilean artist through a choreographic montage. The choreographer Elizabeth Rodriguez is asked to take on the challenge of carrying out the visual work performed by Violeta Parra, summoning a group of young dancers.
This work in progress with local dancers generates a possibility of enriching the work through the exchange and the artistic experimentation. It also allows to evaluate the creative process of a work and not only its result. It is also an opportunity for meeting and feedback with the interested public, allowing to investigate the potentiality of the material that is being worked on.
Violeta (Fragmentos) is an unpublished multidisciplinary proposal and a trip to discover textures, characters and emotions developed by the artist, where young Chilean and American dancers will be part of the cast. An assembly designed to enjoy the contemporary dance and to know the visuality of Violeta Parra.
About Violeta Parra.
Violeta Parra (1917- 1967), was a Chilean composer, songwriter, folklorist, ethnomusicologist and visual artist. She pioneered the "Chilean' New Song", the Nueva Canción Chilena, a renewal and a reinvention of Chilean folk music. She started a serious interest in ceramics, painting and arpillera embroidery. As a result of a severe hepatitis in 1959 that forced her to stay in bed, her work as a painter and arpillerista was developed greatly. In April 1964 she showed her arpilleras, oil paintings and wire sculptures in the Museum of Decorative Arts of the Louvre - the first solo exhibition of a Latin American artist at the museum.



About the Choreographer.
Independent educator and choreographer Elizabeth Rodriguez trained as an engineer while undergoing dance studies at University of Arcis, and her work often incorporates original set designs evoking principles of physics and
engineering. Rodriguez trained in dance at the Spiral of the University of Arcis (Chile), and in 1995 received a fellowship residency to study Movement Research in New York. Elizabeth Rodríguez tours with the support of Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America in 2016-2017.