Global Exchange: Balkan Region






The Same Day

Bulgaria/ United States





Written by Stefan Ivanov

Directed by John Michael DiResta


Nov 2nd - Nov 10th


On a ship, a grandfather and his grandson lie caught in the same time loop that plagues marginalized people everywhere, from refugee camps to major cities. Their endless return is a brutal, cruel, yet often hiliarous version of today's present Global condition.
















Turkey/ Istanbul



Written by Sami Berat Marcali
Directed by Ellie Heyman
No common language, past comforts or future dreams. Home|Yuva follows an unlikely quartet -- a Turkish refugee, autistic artist, club star, and taxi driver --  in search of common bonds. Void of shared language, their bodies begin to speak. Drawing from the current refugee crisis in the Middle East and the increasingly fractured American dream, Home/Yuva is an international collaboration between Turkish and American artists.











May 2016, Istanbul.  Workshop(s) with ikincikat. Director Elena Heyman









This project is the first in LPAC’s newly established three-year initiative “The Balkan Project” intended to create new, collaborative theatre pieces with resident theatre company Built for Collapse and already established international theatre partners in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Serbia. These collaborations will allow LPAC and partners to enrich their current artist development initiatives and support for emerging, international work, through the sharing of ideas and practices, and the exposure to new audiences both in New York City and abroad.
Feb 18 at 2:30pm, Fri Feb19,  at 8pm, Sat Feb 20 at 2:30pm & 8:00pm On MainStage



November 2015
Written by Greek Playwright Maria Efstathiadi performed at LPAC.